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We improve health by vitamin-enriching the rice we provide to PNG and the Solomon Islands

Vitamin Enriched Rice

SunRice’s commitment t​o Make a Difference to our consumers around the world extends beyond simply providing nutritious food. We have also invested significantly in developing and distributing vitamin enriched rice products designed to improve nutrition in our Papua New Guinean and Solomon Islander communities where health is a key issue.

It is estimated that 30% of the world’s population is affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Within the Pacific region, both children and women are often found to be deficient in vitamin A, iron, folic acid, zinc, thiamine and niacin. Low levels of these vitamins and minerals can lead to debilitating fatigue and limited mental development.

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With rice being a staple food source for so many people, this program enables us to ensure important vitamins, which would otherwise be lacking from the diets of so many of our consumers, are provided through our vitamin enriched rice.

In the process of vitamin enrichment, essential micronutrients such as iron and B vitamins are added to increase the nutritional content of a staple food, in our case, rice.

Vitamin enrichment can be achieved through three different methods: coating, dusting or extrusion (adding an extruded pellet). Coating and dusting is less expensive but also a less effective method, as the vitamin enrichment may be partially removed during the cooking process. For this reason, SunRice uses extruded pellets in its vitamin enriched products, which ensures the optimal delivery of selected vitamins to the consumer.

We are proud to play a role in enriching the health and lives of our consumers, often in places where it is needed most.

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Papua New Guinea

As the leading distributor and manufacturer of rice in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Trukai has an opportunity to make a difference to the nutrition of its consumers. Rice is a staple food in most households in urban areas and is a supplementary food for many people living in rural areas within PNG. With a distribution network that ensures our product reaches millions of people across PNG, and with the trusted #1 rice brand in the country, Trukai continues to be well placed to play a significant role in ensuring the people of PNG have access to vitamin enriched rice.

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SolRice nutrition education campagin

To support the Government in the regulation of vitamin enriched rice across the Solomon Islands, SolRice is leading an on-going education campaign including on pack and point of sale advertising, as well as rice tastings, to help the community understand the benefits of vitamin enrichment. To ensure our Solomon Islands consumers can access the full benefits of this program, SolRice is also testing other rice products in the market for vitamin enrichment, in line with our commitment to providing high quality, safe food.

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