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Using blockchain technology to support traceability

We recognise that there is an ever increasing desire for people to know where their food comes from and the journey it takes to get to them. Our products have always been trusted and traceable, but as our supply chain and our product offering grows globally, we are committed to exploring new and improved ways to connect all our stakeholders to our products transparently.

So it makes sense for us to explore how blockchain and other new technologies might ensure we remain at the forefront of traceability. We are on a continuous improvement path and are proud to be part of the KPMG Origins Blockchain Pilot Program to deliver even better visibility and confidence to our consumers and customers.

Making a difference from paddock to plate

SunRice Australian products are quality assured and traceable, right to your dinner table. The products are traceable because SunRice has a fully integrated supply chain starting with our Australian rice farmers, to the storage of their quality grain, processing and packaging in our world class mills and then distribution under the household SunRice brands. This means we have complete visibility into every step of your food’s journey. From seed to supermarket.

Meet some of our Aussie rice growers here.

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Integrated supply chain

Ensuring freedom from exotic pests and diseases

Rice quarantine arrangements and a temperate climate keep Australia free of exotic pests and diseases. There is minimal use of agricultural chemicals.

  • When necessary, agri-chemicals are used only during the crop establishment period
  • Virtually nil agri-chemicals are used within 100 days of harvest
  • No genetically modified rice is grown in Australia

From paddy to plate

The food we supply must be safe to eat, nutritious and of high quality. We pride ourselves on supplying products that exceed our consumers' and customers' expectations.

Learn more about the principles that guide SunRice’s commitment to quality and safety below.

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