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We make a difference every day

We make a difference to our environment

We respect our environment and commit to leaving it in better shape for future generations

SunRice is committed to working towards zero waste

As a global food company, SunRice takes our obligation to leave the environment in better shape for future generations seriously. Packaging of course plays an important role to protect a valuable food resource and reduce food waste, but we continue to work towards reducing our packaging footprint that delivers safe, quality products.

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The recycle cycle

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Our commitment to clear labelling

SunRice has included the REDcycle logo on its packaging since the organisation began in 2012 to help consumers understand how they can participate in this program.

In addition, we have assessed all of our current Australian SunRice packaging formats through the APCO labelling PREP tool which found that 99.9% are able to be recycled through REDcycle.

As part of SunRice’s commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) we are also part of a growing number of food manufacturers who are rolling out the new Australasian Recycling Label (ARL), simplifying recycling logos to make them easier for consumers to understand. We are proud to be playing our role in helping make recycling easier.

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Plastic recycling - Our packs become amazing things

SunRice packs that are recycled through REDcycle and used by Replas can be produced into a range of over 200 recycled plastic products in Australia using state-of-the-art machinery and robotics, with a focus on minimising energy and improving efficiency. The product range includes bollards, decking, fencing, fitness trails and furniture, as well as products suitable for traffic control, parks, gardens and the utilities industry. Lisa Boland and Graeme Stockton are shown here sitting on one of our new bench seats from Replas at our Leeton Mill, made from 98% recycled material and around 21,500 pieces of soft plastic packaging.

The REDcycle Program follows a product stewardship model where manufacturers, retailers and consumers are sharing responsibility in creating a sustainable future and SunRice is proud to be involved in this initiative.

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Why aren’t all our packs made from recycled material?

There are several factors we must consider when assessing packaging alternatives. Food safety, functionality, end of use and cost. Keeping our products safe and fresh is a key requirement, as is avoiding unnecessary food wastage, which can be supported with the right choice of packaging for each product.

Although current available packaging technology does not provide a recycled content alternative for our rice products, all soft packaging in Australia is 100% recyclable through REDcycle.

Packaging technology is evolving fast and we are constantly monitoring and researching for more sustainable alternatives for packaging on all our products as renewable materials also becoming increasingly available. Our membership of the AFGS, APCO and REDCycle provides meaningful platforms for industry collaboration on the issue.

See here for our APCO reporting.

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April 2020 Replas seat Leeton Mill