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We make a difference every day

We make a difference to our environment

We respect our environment and commit to leaving it in better shape for future generations

Investment in research and development

SunRice is a global leader in sustainable agronomics, built on 70 years of investment in rice research, development and production. Our pure seed program, our best in class research facility and our commitment to rice research and innovation allows us to reduce our impact on the environment and produce clean, green and sustainable rice in Australia and every country in which we operate. SunRice is committed to environmental sustainability, efficient resource use, water use efficiency and maintaining biodiversity.

Our strong focus on R&D and our sustainability initiatives across the SunRice group operations are driving energy efficiencies and reducing our carbon footprint. As a result, Australian grown rice uses 50% less water than the global average - yet we achieve amongst the highest yields in the world. The Australian rice industry is a world leader in production efficiency, water use efficiency and environmental management.

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Partnering for excellence in rice research

Our Rice Research facility (RRAPL) based in the pristine Riverina region of NSW and is recognised around the world for its work in sustainable rice breeding and improvement of farming techniques. A wholly owned subsidiary of SunRice, RRAPL was established over 30 year ago for the specific purpose of carrying out research and development.

Establishing a standard of excellence, RRAPL is part of a unique three way partnership with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and AgriFutures Australia. The Australian Rice Research Partnership is recognised around the world for their achievements, conducting breeding trials, cold tolerance research and other agronomic trials and participating in a number of international research and development projects.

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Rice farming in Australia - creating more sustainable rice

RRAPL and the Rice Partnership, develop new varieties specially suited to the Riverina and evaluate the water use, yield in the paddock, length, colour and transparency of grain, as well as cooking quality and time.

  • Reiziq is a high yielding medium grain which has helped our growers increase their average yield by 11% since 2012
  • Viand was developed to provide growers with a short season and water efficient medium grain variety.
  • In 2014, a new premium fragrant rice variety, "Topaz" was released. Developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries in partnership with AgriFutures, SunRice and Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd, Topaz was bred for Australia's temperate rice growing conditions. In market testing in Hong Kong, Topaz outperformed other fragrant rice varieties for taste, appearance and flavour. Our Australian consumers also love our Jasmine Topaz for its beautiful fragrance and cooking qualities.

Read more about SunRice products and our rice varieties here.

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Rice production in Australia - world class pure seed program

To guarantee the quality and traceability of our rice, SunRice’s Australian rice growers are required to use seed that has been produced in a manner that ensures its genetic integrity. The fresh seed we supply growers with every season is DNA tested for varietal purity. Our Pure Seed is non-GMO and is fully traceable from paddy to plate.

Learn more about our pure seed program here.

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