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Our rice by-products create nutritious animal feed

Watch Frank, CopRice's Strategic Project Manager talk about the new mill at Colleambally in this 3 minute video.

The main by-products of rice production are rice hull, rice bran and broken rice. SunRice uses 98% of those by-products and turns them into new and valuable products including nutritious stabilised rice bran, rice flour, quality stock feed products and companion animal food, animal bedding and pet litter.

Our commitment to reusing by-products can be seen in our CopRice business. CopRice has been manufacturing high quality extruded and pelleted feeds for animals from rice bran and brokens, and has been using other by-products like rice hulls for creating animal bedding and pet litter. More recently CopRice has innovated to include by-products of other Australian crops including grapes and almonds. Operating from its feed mills located in Leeton and Coleambally (NSW) and Tongala and Cobden (VIC), CopRice is always innovating to find new ways to create quality products from agricultural by-products.

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Benefits of rice and rice bran

Rice bran is the outer layer of the rice grain, removed by polishing brown rice to become white rice. It is a highly nutritious product that is a rich source of energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fibre, therefore a valuable ingredient to add to feed to boost the nutritional content.

CopRice strategically uses rice and rice bran in its feed to produce balanced, consistent and highly digestible rations for horses and ponies. These scientifically formulated pellets provide optimum nourishment for health and fitness to achieve conditioning and performance targets.

Read more about the nutritional benefits of rice bran for livestock here.

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