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Our Modern Slavery Statement

We make a difference to our communities

Respecting Human Rights

SunRice fully supports the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and expects our suppliers to respect all human rights, including labour rights, throughout its business activities.

We are proud to share our first Modern Slavery Statement, which reflects the work undertaken across SunRice to date to better understand the risks of modern slavery and human rights abuses in our operations and supply chain. With its release, we recognise the need for continued, increasing effort and stakeholder collaboration to achieve the shared goal.

Download the 2020 Modern Slavery Statement

Resources for our suppliers

At SunRice our values drive how we do business and how we partner with those in our supply chain. These values underpin our Approach to Sustainability. Our commitment to act with Integrity, contribute to our Community, and be Collaborative are reflected in our Supplier Sustainability Program. The resources below will help SunRice suppliers better understand our approach.

SunRice Supplier Sustainability Code (Supplier Code)

Outlines the standards and business practices that SunRice expects its suppliers to agree to and work towards aligning themselves with. The Supplier Code includes provisions to prevent forced labour practices and labour exploitation within our supply chain.

Download the SunRice Supplier Sustainability Code (Supplier Code)

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

Outlines SunRiceā€™s position in relation to its zero tolerance for any form of bribery or corruption.

Download our Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

SunRice Sustainability Charter

Defines our commitment to respect human rights.

Download our SunRice Sustainability Charter

SunRice Group Code of Conduct

Defines expectations for how we operate as a business, including our commitment to aligning with the UNGPs to respect human rights.

Download the SunRice Group Code of Conduct

Speak Up!

Speak Up! Policy governs our SunRice whistle-blower and grievance mechanism and prohibits any retaliation against anyone who reports any issues of misconduct within our operations and supply chain.

Download our Speak Up! Policy

Speak Up! posters

The SunRice Speak Up! process is variable to employees in our supply chain. To support this, we have developed the attached posters which can be used by SunRice suppliers to inform their employees of the option of reporting breaches of SunRice policy via the SunRice Speak Up platform.

SunRice poster - English
Trukai poster - English

Trukai poster - Pidgin

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SunRice Supplier Sustainability Program

This 10 min training module is designed to help SunRice suppliers better understand the SunRice Supplier Sustainability Code.

All training modules are available to support our suppliers own sustainability programs and should not be relied upon as legal advice nor considered as providing a representation of what may suit the specific circumstances of any entity or third party.