SunRice | New SunRice Group rice variety seed ordering process for Non-Supplying Growers
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Non-Supplying Grower Seed Ordering

The SunRice Group is implementing a new seed ordering process to make Australian rice seed varieties more broadly available and easily accessible to Non-Supplying Growers.

This new process is focused on Non-Supplying Growers who may look to supply the harvested rice paddy to an entity other than the SunRice Group for processing and marketing (Non-Supplying Growers).

The SunRice Group has invested in and supported the research and development of new rice varieties for decades, including in partnership with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and with AgriFutures, and we are proud of our role in developing world-class rice varieties that have positioned the Australian rice industry as a global leader in terms of yield, water productivity and quality.

The SunRice Group is committed to growing and promoting the adoption of Australian rice varieties for the benefit of the State of New South Wales, the Commonwealth of Australia and Australian rice growers.

Process for ordering of seed for the 2022-23 season

For the coming season, non-supplying growers can lodge a Non-Supplying Grower Seed Order Form 2022-23 to place an order for the quantity and volume of the varieties that they require. This form is captured below and seed ordering will open on 12 September for the 2022-23 crop.

Non-Supplying Grower Seed Order Form 2022-23

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Process for ordering of seed for the 2023-24 season and onwards

Step 1 – Lodge an EOI 12 months in advance

Step 2 – Pay a deposit

Step 3 – SunRice Group confirms if the EOI can be fulfilled on or before 30 November 2022

Step 4 – If confirmed, lodge a Seed Order Form in September 2023

Step 5 – Pay the balance of the seed price (less the deposit)

Step 6 – Receive the seed and plant the crop

Non-Supplying Grower Seed Order Form 2023-24

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Moving forwards, non-supplying growers will need to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the next year’s season approximately 12 months’ in advance, to allow adequate quantities of seed to be planted for particular varieties and to assist in planning.

Expressions of Interest are now open for the 2023-24 season, and the deadline for lodgement of an EOI is 30 September 2022. The SunRice Group will notify the Non-Supplying Grower on or before 30 November 2022 on whether it expects to meet the order requested in the EOI.

A deposit of $150 per metric tonne for each variety will be required when lodging the EOI. The deposit will be deducted from amounts payable when the corresponding Seed Order Form is lodged approximately 12 months after the EOI (the Non-Supplying Grower Seed Order Form 2023-24 will be available in September 2023).

The deposit is required to offset the costs to the SunRice Group of ensuring there are adequate quantities of seed planted in the coming season to meet demand for the 2023-24 season.

Once the EOI has been lodged, the Non-Supplying Grower will receive an invoice for the deposit which will be payable within 7 days.

If the SunRice Group is unable to fulfil the order for the seed requested in the EOI, it will provide as much notice as reasonably practicable and the deposit will be promptly refunded in full. The SunRice Group may be unable to fulfil the order if it is unable to produce sufficient seed due to any event outside the SunRice Group’s reasonable control (including droughts, floods, pests, etcetera).

Non-Supplying Grower Seed Order Form 2022-23
Non-Supplying Grower Seed Order Form 2023-24

Any questions?
We encourage Non-Supplying Growers to read the terms and conditions in the respective forms carefully. If there are any queries, the SunRice Group Grower Services team remains available to assist via 1800 654 557 or

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