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Jan Cathcart Scholarship
a fitting legacy for women in the Australian rice industry

Our Scholarship

For further details and to apply for the 2022 Scholarship, please apply online or
download the application form on this site and send your completed form to
Maria Ryan by email to or
post to 57 Yanco Avenue, Leeton, NSW 2705. ​
Scholarship applications close on the 15th of October.

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Here’s what some past Jan Cathcart Scholars have to say

Emily Fasham

Listen as 2019 winner Emily Fasham explains how the Jan Cathcart Scholarship offers so many opportunities for personal growth and exploration of different career pathways.

Ally Morona

Listen as 2020 winner Alexandra ‘Ally’ Morona explains how the Jan Cathcart Scholarship creates diverse opportunities for women to come together and contribute to the regional communities they grew up in.

Here’s what some past Jan Cathcart Scholars have to say:

“In the future, I see myself researching rice varieties and developing new strategies to make rice growing more accessible for farmers as it has been a major income for my family for over 50 years. The Scholarship has helped me gain practical skills that coincide with the theory I have been learning in my degree, which will enable me to be more prepared for this future career path.” Emily Fasham, 2019 recipient - to read a Q&A with Emily, click here.

“I applied for the Jan Cathcart Scholarship because of how much the rice industry has given my family and how much I want to contribute and give back. Jan left the most incredible legacy and I think if I can be half the woman she was, then that would be enough. I highly encourage young women to apply for the scholarship to further develop and support the rice industry.”
Annabel Arnold, 2018 recipient – to read a Q&A with Annabel, click here.

“This scholarship is important so that women can picture themselves in the rice industry and more broadly in agriculture. It is important that we keep our talented women from the bush, in the bush. The scholarship made me seriously consider what my career in agriculture looked like and SunRice has paved the way.”
Sarah Cudmore, 2017 recipient - to read a Q&A with Sarah, click here.

“The work opportunities that have arisen due to the scholarship have enabled me to explore numerous areas within the business and ultimately expose me to roles that I may never have considered without such guidance. In these difficult drought conditions and with the water situation, the scholarship helps to shine a light not only on the premium rice that is grown in the Riverina but also the talent that can be found there.”
Millie Mertz, 2016 recipient - to read a Q&A with Millie, click here.

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